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X Factor Barrel Racing is the #1 Barrel Racing App in the world.

Improve your skills, dominate in competition, and train the best barrel horse with our videos, podcasts, and online coaching.

Experience The #1 Rated Barrel Racing App In The World

X Factor Barrel Racing is the best online resource in the world for barrel racers of all skill levels. Access the app and online coaching on your favorite device including smart phones, tablets, and smart TV's.

If that isn't enough, your X Factor Barrel Racing membership gets you access to online coaching from pros like Lisa Lockhart and Tammy Fischer.

Members perks include exclusive interviews, instructional videos, practice footage, our online coaching program, and more. 


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  • High Quality Barrel Racing Videos.

    Dig into one of the largest barrel racing video vaults on the internet! If you have a barrel racing question, we have the answer here.

  • Online Coaching Program.

    Submit your videos and questions to our pros. Hailey Kinsel and Lisa Lockhart, world famous barrel racers, will answer you personally each week.

  • Exclusive Footage.

    Discover professional footage you won’t find anywhere else. See how to practice and race like the pros, in up-close-and-personal HD quality.

  • Videos for Every Need.

    Our online library includes everything from tutorials to barrel horse health. Find exclusive pro tips, interviews, and techniques for handling every challenge you might face.

  • 20 New Videos Per Month.

    Our library is constantly growing! We’re adding 5 new high quality videos per week, and 20 per month.

  • Live Video Events.

    Twice a month, enjoy videos and/or live video events with our pros, Hailey Kinsel and Lisa Lockhart.



Learn From The Best On The #1 Rated Barrel Racing App


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Watch. Learn. Win.


With Pro Membership, you’ll gain all the tools you need to become a successful barrel racer. Learn how to overcome challenges, such as keeping your horse from dropping it’s shoulder into the barrel or alley way issues. Discover how to start colts on the pattern, or hone your skills with a seasoned horse. You’ll find tutorials on these subjects and more (ad free!) in our Pro Member video vault.

But sometimes, you need a personalized answer for your specific case--and that’s where our online coaching program comes in. Got questions? Just ask our experts. Hailey Kinsel and Lisa Lockhart receive and answer messages and videos from pro members each week.

Pro Membership also includes:

  • 20 new videos each month (5 per week)
  • Watch Ad-free
  • Access to the latest news and tips
  • Monthly videos/live events with Hailey and Lisa
  • Access to all newsletters, blog posts, podcasts
  • Create your own playlist with our "Favorites" feature

You can join the online coaching program instantly by subscribing to either yearly or monthly pro membership. This program includes weekly, personalized communication with Hailey Kinsel and Lisa Lockhart, our resident pros. Send them your videos and questions, and they will use their expertise to help you train your colt, overcome challenges, or become a better racer.

Hailey is a three-time world champion (2018, 2019, and 2020 WPRA World Barrel Racing Championship) with ample experience training her own horses to be the best.

Lisa is a two-time NFR Average Champion with the second-highest number of qualifications to the NFR(13). She also has two of the top four fastest NFR Average times ever recorded.

We’re constantly adding to our giant video collection! Pro Membership includes access to 20 new videos monthly (that’s 5 per week). Included in these new offerings are videos and livestreams from Hailey and Lisa.

Get Access To The EXACT Barrel Racing Training Videos You Need NOW

Don’t waste your time searching through endless internet content for half-helpful answers. X Factor’s Pro video library helps you hold a magnifying glass to the specific area you want to improve--and stoke the flames to your success.

  • Barrel Racing Fundamentals.

    Looking for beginner tips? Want to get back to basics or teach a student racer? Dive right in with our fundamentals series.

  • Horse Training.

    Achieve collection. Develop softness. Fix alley issues. It’s all here--everything from starting colts on the pattern to fine-tuning seasoned barrel horses.

  • Horsemanship Fundamentals.

    If you want to improve your speed and agility, you first need a solid foundation. Brush up on horsemanship with this essential series.


Our straight-forward videos show--not just tell.

Eliminate Your Limitations with One-on-One Pro Coaching

As an X Factor Barrel Racing member, you'll be instantly enrolled in our online coaching program. Hailey Kinsel and Lisa Lockhart, our seasoned pros, will answer your questions and review your videos each week.

The X Factor Barrel Racing Coaching Program

  • Get direct, personal answers to your questions from our experts.

  • Submit videos of your runs and get critiques, feedback, and tips from Hailey Kinsel and Lisa Lockhart.

  • Receive expert guidance and tips to help you bring out the very best in yourself and your horse.

  • Get guided input on which videos to watch, and how to practice.

Get Barrel Racing Training From The Best

A three-time world champion (2018, 2019, and 2020 WPRA World Barrel Racing Championship), Hailey Kinsel has the know-how to pinpoint your areas of opportunity--whatever your level. Having trained her own prize-winning horses, Hailey can guide you through the steps of training colts and starting them on the barrel pattern.

As a two-time NFR Average Champion and record holder, Lisa Lockhart has plenty of secrets to share. Secrets that will bring you lasting success, in or out of the arena! Holding two of the top four fastest NFR Average times ever recorded, Lisa is the speed queen. Send her your questions and videos, and let her guide you towards your full potential.

Stunning Video Tutorials

Visual learners, rejoice! Our high quality videos let you learn the twists and turns of barrel racing in gorgeous, glorious color.


Ever wish you could chat with an expert before buying a horse to train, or get a pro’s opinion about your latest race? Now you can! Pro Membership includes one-on-one coaching with the greats.


Stay in line with the latest with our monthly updates. We’re adding 20 NEW videos per month, exclusively for Pro Members!

Start RACING Towards Your Goals, Right Now

Why waste time and energy searching through several sites, when you can find everything you need in one place? Sign up now for instant access to the most COMPLETE barrel racing resource on the ‘net.

The journey toward your ultimate goal starts with a single step: joining our Pro Barrel Racing team.

  • Access to the X Factor Online Coaching Program, featuring Lisa Lockhart, Hailey Kinsel, Dena Kirkpatrick, and Tammy Fischer

  • Video Tutorial Collections: Barrel Racing Fundamentals, Horse Training, Horsemanship Fundamentals, and more!

  • Instant access to our library of 100+ videos, plus new videos each month.

  • Exclusive footage-- see how the pros practice and prepare!

  • 5 NEW videos added each week.

  • Access to videos and livestreams from our experts

  • No long-term commitment. Cancel anytime.

  • Access to the XFBR App - Available on iOS, Android, and Smart TV devices

  • Download videos for offline viewing and build your own playlist

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Learn From The Best On The #1 Rated Barrel Racing App


Billed Yearly

$15 / month

Billed Monthly

$29.99 / month

Easily manage your subscription online with a simple pause or cancel at any time

Watch. Learn. Win.